Aug 11, 2013

I'm Not Impressed

So this was my last three years life. Feel so discriminated about something called public school. That ashameness keep going until my graduate day on high-school. I don’t even passed the fucking SNMPTN while another people can easily choose their university which seems impossible to me to pass. I see another people, i see how they struggle in their life and being a survivor in their world while i’m here with all my retardness. And everyday i feel my whole life is a waste. I’m totally a waste. And my single wish is a waste. Then here i am now. Studying things i’d love to know through my ridiculous selection test. I thought i’ll do my best. But guess what, my friends’ drawings are going to make me feel like an awesome lucky idiot who passed the test. I’m not worth even as a zombie. Haha i dunno. I think, it's all about somebody who fakes her life in order to try to impress another but ridiculously the 'another' don't give any single sh!* and then blablablabla. Anyway i'm so insane about this new toys hahah come and see mine, xoxo


I think too damn deep like an abyssal that’s why nobody’s understanding me in easy way. I have such a complicate mind. Think about detail while nobody’s giving a shit in every single piece of what i think about.

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