Apr 6, 2018

Pesta Tenun Mamasa

Back to the day when we were having a short trip to Mamasa with Torajamelo, Yayasan PEKKA, and Biru Terong Initiative. We were not into 'tourism' kind of vacation, instead of that, we made a mini Sole Oha exhibition coming back to where it was: Mamasa (followed by Toraja, Adonara and Lembata)

Desa Balla, Kec. Balla Satenetean, Mamasa, Sulawesi Barat


The opening specifically held in Maranatha Church, Balla Village, Balla Satenetean district. --- The event was open for public and we had sort of fun like election, weaving and weaver exhibition (Pallawa-making demo), Fashion Show by Torajamelo, Cultural Night (where Mamasa people showed their cultural dances, songs and performance arts), Documentary Films Screening by Biru Terong Initiative, and also, karaoke by Mrs. Nani Zulminarni the head of PEKKA Foundation! 

The day after exhibition, off we go to see tourism attraction in Mamasa, such as Tedong-tedong (where the ancient coffins are), Ancient Grave in ---i forget the name--, Going to Mamasa Market to buy some coffee and sesajen (food/offerings for the spirits, cmiiw) and visit the Banua Layuk of Mr. Alex Palulungan which has his deceased father's body laid down for a year, and we don't forget to see another type of Banua/Tongkonan (Mamasa/Toraja traditional house) like Banua Sura (Tongkonan full of carvings), Banua Bolong (Black-painted Tongkonan) and Banua Rapa (regular Tongkonan with no carvings), after that we went to famous Hot Spring Pool in Mamasa--twice! :D


All footages are on my own using a single camera and edited in Adobe Premiere, except footages on 5:54 - 6:06 taken by Johanes Galih. DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to this music/song. All rights belong to the owner. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

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