Jan 18, 2019

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Maybe You Were A Crab and I Were A Good Chef
Someday when you asked me, “since when” questions it brought me to the thoughts of we’ve already met in our primordial life as a crustacean or something way long long ago.It was June, and that’s not a déjà vu, when we were being in a same group of strangers and sitting next to each other as a stranger. Not like every stranger i’d sit with, maybe sounds kinky, but this is true, i feel i’ve known you in our previous life like we’re something familiar, not as we are now, and somehow we were connected for a long time eventhough we are not having a conversation yet.

Don’t wanna talk about us right now, let me focus on how i feel when i was only 3 inches far from you, facing the lame hotel paper and the boring public speakers with their presentation slides and suddenly the time lane is leaking. I’m not a kind of people who wear jade as my spiritual statement or having a lucky charm, but that day, where my restless legs syndrome rocking under the vintage tablecloth, i believe in (i hope this won’t make me less-Moslem) reincarnation and afterlife and everything Hindu-ism. The connection between us was stronger than the wi-fi in the meeting room and i don’t know how to act when actually i want to jump to you and shout “Have we met before?”

Long time before that ‘Strange-Feeling-Experience’ with you, i used to know that i-might be-having a superstition about people i’ll meet. In some cases, i could guess whether i’ll have a fight with certain people or not at the very first time i meet them, and it 100% comes true. For the first time, it scares me, it projects me on how i lose people in my life. Then, it became my shield to protect myself from people who tend to hurt me sooner or later, because it’s getting clearer day by day that my spirit tries to communicate with me about everything it knows.

Sure you’ll just laugh it out everytime i told the ‘Strange-Feeling-Experience’. Everyone will do. They would just think it’s only a cheapy cliche caused by the euphoria but, despite our karmic relationship, how do you explain the sensation i feel back in June, when we were barely know each other and never thought it will turn into comical romantic story. And of all species, seven billion people, seven millions animals, hundred thousands fungis and plants, and mega-ultra-billion probabilities longer than the phi, we still had a chance to meet again. Reincarnated. As you and me.

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