May 20, 2019

Met Jakob Ogawa in Person :D

Actually, my first favorite musician was Erlend Øye of Kings Of Konvenience, after i found Jakob Ogawa on Youtube and maybe soundcloud? I forget. My most favorite musician is Jakob Ogawa since then. Because he makes every song he sings beautiful and every lyric he made is just perfect.

I always reply his instastory back then, and one day i asked him about his concert and when will he come to Jakarta. Surprisingly, he answered my DM and i immediately followed every music event account in Jakarta.

from this

to this

Finally, i came to his music concert
(a bit pricey but okay he is on the top of my Maslow's hierarchy of needs, so...)

I got the first row omg i'm so happy :D

and had an opportunity to do boomerang vid with him hahaha

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