Jun 23, 2019

Met Phum Viphurit in Person :D

I met him in person on June 22nd 2019
I got a meet and greet opportunity from the event by purchasing a concert ticket
The concert started at 7 pm, but the meet and greet was in the afternoon both were being held on the same place, The Pallas Jakarta.
While i was attending the legal conference in Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta from 8 am to 3 pm.

You know what i did?
I took the Friday pray break to go to The Pallas with Gocar and back to Aryaduta before 1 pm :)

I'm like 5'7" yet i looked very smol with standing by him.
I also had an opportunity to give him my Doodlegänger Merchandise :D
And my illustration's color scheme is matching with his outfit. Hehe.


At 3 pm after finished the legal conference, i met my boi at BNI Station. He just arrived from Yogyakarta and we were about to attend the concert together. We only got the middle row, but i don't really care hahaha, i already took pix together before, so i just accompany my boi who got cranky all the way home because i hug Phum hahahahaha.


Here Phum Viphurit Mixtape as a bonus :)

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