Jul 24, 2023

UGLY Traumagz



Collected stories about the impact of Indonesian women’s representations in media

In an environment dominated by ‘men as the rule makers’, women’s voices are not heard. UGLY is exclaiming the impact of Indonesian women’s patriarchal representations in media. The project takes the form of a series of riso-printed publications as an embodiment of layered feelings and contradictive thoughts; a methapor for being a woman who is alienated, and stigmatized through various issues which often overlooked.

UGLY #3. Increasing divorces rate and over 10% women with widow status in Indonesia (dataindonesia.id) does not free them from stigmatization. 148mm x 210 mm. Fluorescent orange, fluorescent green, and violet ink on mixed left-over paper 90 gsm-110 gsm.

POP-UP LETTER. The letter is based on Febriani's story through casual conversation on 09/2022. The collage is created using images collected from Indonesian people who prompted to interpret 'Janda', on 10/02/2023.

This on-going archive of collected stories are rooted from childhood memories in Indonesia, they are intertwined with thoughts and knowledge in the present day, and coupled with curated stories from other women. The stories includes: curly hair, working single mom, and widow stigma.

The publications will be used as a tool to disseminate ideas and open conversations about women's issues, whilst examining the media critically. 

 **Previous editions**

UGLY #2. Talks about the demonization of working single mom in a society that glorified 'stay-at-home mom', and media full of advices on how to be a 'good mother'. 148mm x 210 mm. Fluorescent pink and black ink on Crush Grape and Crush Corn paper 100 gsm.

UGLY #1. Looking back at childhood trauma and how the standardization of women's hair was a major culprit. Outer cover borrowed from Indonesian women's lifestyle magazine that ironically named after an Indonesian feminist hero, Kartini, who was fighting for women education equality. 148mm x 210 mm. Blue, orange, and fluorescent pink on Crush Corn paper 100 gsm.

PS: Happy International Women's Day! 8 March 2023 ✊🥰

If you are a woman or identified as a woman and want to participate and/or to contribute in any form for the next issue, I'm open for collaboration. Feel free to reach me via Instagram :)

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